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We offer Industry’s best Cloud DevOps Trainings with cutting-edge tools with Live Cloud DevOps ~ GitOps 3-Tier Project Implementation in an Online Interactive program.

Do you know that the backbone of Cloud or DevOps Industry is Linux and Shell Scripting, we understand that it’s a bit typical. But, don’t worry about that. Our Trainers are working professionals with 10+ years of experience in the Cloud & DevOps arena where we deliver the Linux as a beginner to administrator level in the initial phases of our training along with a live project and automation.

We strongly believe that learning something in a project-oriented approach will make things easy and can make you pick it up quickly.


Become an expert in Cloud DevOps by spending 75 hours of our Project Oriented Training

We start training you from a beginner to a professional level. Where we start training Cloud DevOps from Linux Admin as a basic. Without Linux, Cloud DevOps is completely blind-folded. Also, we believe in project-oriented learning where from day 4 we will start implementing the Live Project and will automate the flow and will start injecting the Cloud DevOps and GitOps Culture.

Learn by Implementing the DevOps project

Delivering the content and implementing the same content on the same day in a project-oriented approach is the secret of ours & your success mantra. This approach is in our DNA. We are going to implement a live project with a 3-tier architecture and we are going to play around with that on the top of AWS Cloud.

Don’t worry about the payment of resources that you consume for projects on AWS, we will make sure you will pay peanuts. Also, we are going to show you the flavor of Google Cloud Platform when implementing the servers and Google Kubernetes Engine ( GKE ) which is the world’s best in its class.

A quick glance of the list of Cloud & DevOps tools that we are going to learn as a part of this Training Programme.

AWS & GCP Cloud Computing

We will start consuming the best in class services from both the cloud platforms ( AWS & GCP ) based on what they are good at. Our project will be on the top or AWS & GCP Cloud.

DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

The trend in the industry is to start adopting the DevOps Culture and the Agile Philosophy which is made possible by automating the CI & CD and is referred as CI/CD Pipelines. We will be intergrting 10+ Tools into our pipeline. Our complete project will be pipelines


All most 98% of the Software development teams trust their CI & CD Pipelines on Jenkins and we will play around with that in an all possible approach.

Linux & Shell Scripting

Nowadays Linux is everywhere. What are some big companies that make use of the Gnu/Linux operating system? Do you know that 95% of the Enterprise Infrastructure is Linux based?

There are so many and I am very happy about that! Will you be surprised If I told you that Google is one of them? Probably not. It is a well-known fact, but still, there are many things to learn.

The hottest web search engine Google uses Linux because it is the most cost-effective solution. At least that’s what Google’s Sergey Brin told the journalist back in 2000 when he was asked what led to Google’s decision to use Linux.


Whatever we do, end of the day we will place everything in the form of code, and on the top of GIT, to achieve this goal, we will inject the GitOps culture into our DevOps curriculum in a very crystal clear approach. Even jobs will be created in the form of code


With Ansible, we can do configuration management of any Linux Systems irrespective of the flavor and version of Linux and this is one of the first tools which works on both Push and Pulls mechanisms. Because of its robustness & resilience, this is one of the highly used tools when you take the last 3 years a trend. We are going touch almost all the sweet and bitter options of Ansible and possible best ways of writing Ansible Playbooks in YAML.


Do you know that we create, destroy, and update the infrastructure in the form of code ( Infrastructure As A Code ), without even touching the cloud console? If we build something in Terraform, no matter what cloud you’re using, with very minimal changes you can spin up the same infrastructure on other clouds with very minimal changes.

Terraform is almost accepted on all happening clouds. 90% of the Cloud DevOps Job Descriptions will have Terraform as a mandatory/required skill. We will see the best in class and widely used option in terraform and gonna spend 10 hours exclusively on it.


Docker & Container are highly used term’s if you’re using a micro-service based architecture. Wouldn’t you be wondered if I say that there is no need to run and pay for Operating System’s if you’re running your applications on Docker Engine?

Organizations that have started adopting Docker Infra have shown the cut-down their Cloud Infra Building by 70%.

We don’t just use the existing Docker Container’s, we are going to containerize our whole application by writing our Dockerfile and is called as containerization


If you’re having multiple Docker Engines, to avail of high availability, resilience, and a lot of advanced features then probably you need to employ an Orchestrator and Kubernetes/K8’s which is one of the highly paid skill.

Do you know that majority of the Google / YouTube’s Infra is on K8’s / Kubernetes? Yes, Google is the one that has advanced & developed the product. We will learn the best of Kubernetes.


Git Git Git . . . Without this, there is no development world. We will explore what is GIT, why we need GIT, Branching Strategy that is been followed across various environments and this will let you know exactly what GIT is.

ELK Stack

Elastic Logstash Kibana, this is one of the best Log Aggregator, Metric Extractor & Dashboard. Where based on the need you can create your metrics, build your dashboards & can pump all your logs to an aggregator rather than maintaining on the top of business infra.

We will implement ELK Stack by building our dashboards, creating our custom metrics & implementing our log aggregator.

This is one of the biggest competitors to other tools out in the market because of the robustness, feature-rich and more importantly, it’s opensource.


Code Analysis & Vulnerability Scan of the code is a must in every project and SonarQube does it well in its class. We will see how to do a code scan, implement the filter’s & Quality Gates into our project, and in case of any vulnerabilities, we will terminate the pipeline and will save the build time.


This is the best known UI Testing Tool out there which delivers the best UI Testing results. We will implement and integrate this as a part of the pipeline.

“What we are up to?”

We have trained and delivered 1000+ Working Professionals & Students across the globe in just 5 years and almost all our people are placed in Top MNC’s and the innovative startup’s across the world and leading their dream job in ~ Cloud DevOps.

Throughout the training, you’ll get round the clock support from our experts to fix your issues. If you’re not able to fix, we will help you with our productive tools.

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